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Metal working Special lubricants (Greases)

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BECHEM develops, produces and sells high performance lubricants and additives all over the world. Our special solutions in the fields of speciality lubricants, industrial lubricants and lubricants for metal working and forming technology are based on the latest tribological knowledge.

BECHEM's research and development of lubricants and additives always sets standards with regard to reduction of friction and wear, high and low temperature properties, corrosion protection, sealing and media compatibility, especially in respect of environmental protection and toxicological innocuousness.The basis: modern laboratory technologies, analytical methods, computer-assisted test rigs.

Besides the headquarter in Hagen BECHEM has two other production sites in Germany, in Mieste and Kierspe. In addition to that, our worldwide distribution network allows us to develop markets all over the world. With the daughter companies in France, India, and Switzerland, as well as the Joint Ventures in the USA, South Africa, Sweden and China BECHEM shows its international presence. The quality of our products is confirmed by the certification according to ISO/TS 16949.

Metal working
To cope with a wide range of temperatures, high performance materials are created which allow unexpected technical evolutions. Innovative formulations and comprehensive concepts in metal working guarantee that even for the hottest processes the user keeps a cool head. Whether we are talking about hot 1.200°C during grinding or blue-black chips at 500°C - no problem for the coolant. Extreme temperatures are mastered and allow the impossible.

BECHEM metal working fluids guarantee smooth production and perfect results.

Cost Saver Management

All our customers are supplied with the optimal industrial coolant lubricants inclusive of all peripheral tasks such as control, maintenance and cleaning which we combine in various modules as services.

Special lubricants (Greases)
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BECHEM special lubricants always accompany us, while taking a bath, when a new vehicle is being produced, when a rocket starts to the moon, or simply when a bread is being baked.

To cope with these requirements for optimal processes in our high-tech world, BECHEM creates a large number of various special lubricants. Some of our industrial solutions are high and low temperature lubricants, plastic lubrication, electrical contact lubrication, food grade lubricants, valve lubricants, anti-friction coatings, and for the automotive industry BECHEM provides special noise damping products, high performance long life lubrication and corrosion protection.

Thus BECHEM considerably contributes to the creation and maintenance of people´s quality of life all over the world


The requirements of the automotive industry are constantly growing. Due to its innovations each generation of vehicles means new challenges for the development of lubricants. Special BECHEM products for the automotive industry guarantee smooth function and perfect results.

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Metal working Special lubricants (Greases)
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