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From the Past... to the Present
ISCAR is a producer of unique and innovative cutting tools for metalworking, including turning, grooving, milling, hole making, boring and threading tools.

The company was founded in 1952 in a wooden garage behind the home of Stef Wertheimer. After several years of steady expansion, the company headquarters moved to its current site in the Tefen Industrial Zone, situated in Israel's Western Galilee.

ISCAR has expanded from a single marketing and manufacturing facility in Israel to a multinational company with representation in over 50 countries.

The innovation that has made the company one of the fastest growing in the industry stems from the creative thinking of ISCAR's employees. Throughout ISCAR, hard-working individuals apply themselves to the creation of efficient, practical and economical solutions for clients all over the world.

ISCAR has been introducing a myriad of new products, each one aiming for the 3 P's: higher Productivity, Profitability and Performance. Some of the foremost features of these new products:

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The new HELIDO square S845 SXMU 1606 ADTR-MM insert has 8 helical right-hand cutting edges, providing a very economical solution. It is very thick and strong and has a wiper which leaves an excellent surface finish. The insert is clamped by a strong M5 screw into an inclined dovetail pocket which provides a very rigid clamping. Due to the most advanced production technology, excellent grade combinations, unique chip deflector and positive cutting angles, the new face milling tools family features high durability, low cutting forces and excellent tool life.

The new insert can be used for machining steel, stainless steel and cast iron at very high machining parameters. The tools are available in a diameter range of 40-315 mm. They can machine 45° slanted shoulders up to 7 mm depth. Users of tools carrying SEKT or SEKN single-ended, positive inserts will find the new S845 F45SX..-R16 tools more attractive, regarding price per corner and performance.

The HELIDO family from Iscar cutting tools combines the most advantageous features of both the HELIMILL (helical cutting edge and positive rake angle) and the MILL2000 (strong construction), which are the most suitable for heavy milling applications

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Code No :- 002
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ISO standard tools perform most of the industry's chip removal. The applications range from finishing to roughing. As a full-line supplier of metalworking tools, ISCAR naturally provides the full ISO range of quality tools. All standard geometries are supplied, including the most popular trigon shape. These semi-triangular turning inserts used for axial and face turning, feature three 80° corner cutting edges. They replace the rhombic inserts that had only two cutting edges, thus saving production time and cost while maximizing insert life. ISCAR offers a variety of unique chipformer and grade combinations that provide solutions to most of modern industry's machining needs.

ISCAR is launching a completely new line of external and internal tools as well as large size inserts for the heavy duty applications, called SUMOTURN. Heavy duty turning applications feature relatively large depths of cut, high feed rates and rough, non-uniform surfaces to be machined. These applications require both tough carbide grades and specifically designed chipformers. The recently introduced SUMO TEC carbide grades enable ISCAR to cope better with heavy duty turning. The new tools expand the range of ISCAR tools for rough turning applications. Lever Lock tools are recommended for large depth of cut and interrupted cut applications

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