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From the Past... to the Present
ISCAR is a producer of unique and innovative cutting tools for metalworking, including turning, grooving, milling, hole making, boring and threading tools.

The company was founded in 1952 in a wooden garage behind the home of Stef Wertheimer. After several years of steady expansion, the company headquarters moved to its current site in the Tefen Industrial Zone, situated in Israel's Western Galilee.

ISCAR has expanded from a single marketing and manufacturing facility in Israel to a multinational company with representation in over 50 countries.

The innovation that has made the company one of the fastest growing in the industry stems from the creative thinking of ISCAR's employees. Throughout ISCAR, hard-working individuals apply themselves to the creation of efficient, practical and economical solutions for clients all over the world.

ISCAR has been introducing a myriad of new products, each one aiming for the 3 P's: higher Productivity, Profitability and Performance. Some of the foremost features of these new products:

Hole Making
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Code No :- 003
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ISCAR's SUMOCHAM drill family is the next evolution of the very successful CHAMDRILL and CHAMDRILLJET families. The new family has similar features, with improved head and pocket design, no setup time, Fast Metal Removal and economical indexing.

The SUMOCHAM comprises a revolutionary clamping system that enables improved productivity output rates, while enabling more insert indexes. The shank itself is designed with twisted nozzles and exhibits a durable and stably constructed body.

The indexable heads are available in four different standard geometries, designed for drilling steel, exotic materials, cast iron or aluminum. The unique pocket design of the SUMOCHAM takes good advantage of the cutting forces, which are mechanically exerted upon the tool. These forces are then converted into gripping forces that are used for tightening the insert towards the back of the pocket. In that sense, the more cutting forces applied, the better gripping forces obtained.

In addition, the clamping forces around the connection area generate little strain, preventing any potential plastic deformation and by that providing at least triple the amount of head indexes. The most important attribute of the new clamping design is therefore a very substantial increase in productivity. All of these features provide the most productive and most profitable solution for the hole making industry.

Tool Holding
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Code No :- 004
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Power Chuck - Heavy Duty Clamping Power for Fast Metal Removal With the MAXIN tool, only a small tightening torque compresses the frontal nose, providing an extremely high gripping force. It is designed for roughing and finishing applications in milling where high torque transmission, maximum accuracy, compactness and easy operation are required.


The high gripping force achieved by the MAXIN Power Chuck results from the shallow nose tapered cone (1) with helical slot (3) inside the internal chuck bore. It exerts a very high clamping force when the clamping nut (2) is rotated in the axial direction. The shallow taper of the tool nose (1) and the angled position of the needle bearing (4) that sit in the cage create the axial movement of the clamping nut (2). This unique clamping mechanism eliminates axial movement of the shank while clamping, simplifying the preset process. Runout Accuracy: Maximum runout at 100 mm Overhang is less than 0.01 mm

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